Andre bouley dark magic

Did andre mod his dark magic because he can do master tricks with it

From what André has stated in earlier posts, he uses a KK, that’s it. But you should know that it is possible to do all the master tricks with a stock Dark Magic.

yeah i agrre the DM is great stock … personally i just puted shims and KK then silicon recessed it for funjust to make it feel just like i love yoyos .

but i could have done nothing but clean the bearing it would have been great to!

you can pull off any trick you want with a stock dm.
andre himslef plays it stock, except for his kk bearing.
this is truly a great yoyo. it just takes practice to get that good.

It is all practice on getting the tricks down once you learn the steps you will be able to do them faster and faster then eventually you will be able to complete the same tricks that Andre does

Well, practice will just make it possible for you to have much longer sleepers.

Is it worth getting one if you already have a Legacy? It can run through those tricks as well.