Dark Magic Mod?

Whats the best way to mod a dark magic, or how to make it like Andre’s?

In the tut. videos, he uses a Dark Magic with a Koncave bearing

Andre’s setup as shown in the tutorials is a KonKave Bearing with a YYJ Silicone Pad or just flowable silicone but I think it’s a YYJ Silicone Pad.

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really? i thought his worked better.

Give Andre a stock Dark Magic and watch him hit all his tricks.

Practice is what makes Andre and other players so amazing, their yoyo setup has quite little to do with true ability.

I’d silicon it or cut down the oring, and probably remove the pogs. But thats just prefferance.

Exactly. Any good player could play with just about any yoyo and do just as well. If you really want your yoyo to perform like his, practice.

add a spacer maybe. that’s what i did. made it a little smoother. but, any yoyo will work if u practice/.

I popped a shim in and it was a bit better too IMO. some people dont like shims. of course I lost them all :stuck_out_tongue:
but I play it stock for 5a and its still a great throw…

I just pop a shim in and thin lube it.

There isn’t really a magical trick. You just gotta know what you want it to do, and how to accomplish it.

I wanted to avoid the occasional unwanted responsiveness to it. I did the setup that did so.

I mean, the DM isn’t flawed. Change it to your preference.

Please check the date of the last post before you make your post. This was from about 3 months ago. :wink:

Andre’s Dark Magic has a Ceramic Koncave bearing and a Vapor O-ring for all of his advanced to master. All the other tricks are done stock. He doesn’t even clean the bearing. Just a drop of thin lube.

Check out this vid.

I’m pretty sure this has been answered for a while.

Well all you have to do is simple take sand paper and just sand down the oring until it is perfect. That is what i found out worked best.

Andre doesn’t do much to the yoyo other than konkave really. just your throws, good luck