Dark Magic

Love this video. @AndreBoulay still one of my favorite vids. Good to post it every once in a while. I wish it was better quality but still worth watching.


Haha. This was back in the day on Hi8 tapes that you had to manually record back to a computer, etc. We had a lot of fun making this one. I’ll have to make an Operation Dark Magic III… :thinking: :crazy_face:


This is a really awesome video. Nice to see quality examples of grinds and other tricks that are no longer popular. Makes me want to incorporate them into my play now. Thanks for the inspiration Andre :grinning:

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Yes please!

This one blew my mind too. The offspring regen he does is crazy!


Andre is such a bad ■■■.


A lot of the stuff in this videos is still pretty amazing trick-wise. It holds up with the current trick pool.


Dark Magic set.
I have always wanted the poison frog colorway as well.


I was thinking the same thing honestly.

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Still have my dark magic 2 it was my first nicer yoyo. No caps and rims tarnished into next week but still one of my go to throws

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I was using whatever they sold at Toy R Us at the time. Usually a Yomega or Duncan, not bad. I think the best I had was a Maverick when I was really going through the trick list. Seeing @AndreBoulay using the DM2 in allnthe videos I wanted it bad. So I got the black one, it was all I could find. I used it to learn almost everything I know. I upgraded to a shutter which Andre advised when I emailed him several years ago. The DM2 is still my most meaningful throw. I found the red one in a bin at YYE maybe this past spring, I cant remember. It was a b grade they never sold and the rings were tarnishing but I didn’t care.

You went to yye? Never got to do that but I did meet andre at the chicago contest when I lived there. It was super surreal seeing some of these cats I’d been watching videos of for so long in person.

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Go there all the time. Mostly to hang out but they always seem to take my money. I’ve had to dial it back.

I have a blue DM 2, I’m glad I didn’t give it away before I knew what I had.

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