Matador Trick Help?

I just got my summit (my first side effect yoyo) and i put some spikes on it. I tried doing “matador” tricks where you grab the spikes. In this tutorial i saw, the guy grabbed the spikes, then the yoyo rotated back toward him. The outer side went up, i guess. But when i do it, the outer side goes down, which makes it hard to hold onto the spikes. Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

Try doing a half rotation in a gyroscopic flop before doing your trick, or do a reverse throw. When the yoyo spins the opposite direction, it will rotate up I think.

You should be able to make very slight adjustments with your thumb and finger to move the yoyo into any position you like with practice.

Try throwing a Breakaway, and grabbing the spikes with your NTH. This way is the easiest to control for me…

OD Side Effect spikes are going to be kind of hard to pinch mid flight.  They are pretty sharp, which mean they come to a point, which is going to make it slightly harder to get a firm grip on.

I can’t do much of any matador unless it’s on my Model 10. Which has a dull spike, like it’s built for matador lol

Thanks for the help I am able to get a consistent solid matador now.

Thanks for the help I am able to get a consistent solid matador now.

I thought sharper spiked were better?

Which is harder to hold onto… a flat cup or a spike?

Now think of it as a spike that is dull. It’s going to be much easier to grab. The spikes are so precise that if you don’t get an accurate FIRM pinch mid flight, your fingers will run off the side of the spike/cone and land in the cup. This happened to me almost every time on my code 2 with spikes.

I could never catch OD Spikes mid flight. But with my Model 10 it’s a breeze. It might be easier to “cradle” the OD spikes (as in the tip of the spike rests ontop of your fingers)… but to truly pinch it is very difficult.

But let me just say there are people that can do literally anything, consecutively. So just because something is easier doesn’t mean the harder isn’t do-able.

Mid-flight is a different story. It’s still matador if you don’t grab it mid flight, though.

The dull spikes might make for a better mid-flight grab (I dunno?) but you won’t be able to turn the yoyo horizontal for fingerspins. It’ll spin right out of your grip as you try to turn it. For non-horizontal stuff, I’d probably be just as happy letting it hang from the rims as grabbing a spike. :wink:

I’m willing to try it… but we have to bet money first

I can’t take that bet. :wink: I’ve done it myself with dull spikes (my Wrath) so enough effort WILL get you there. But it’s not nearly as easy as with sharp spikes. Not by a long shot!

Yeah, I know you’re right. Most of my yoyo’s have sharper spikes. When they’re sharp you tilt the yoyo, or change it’s axis, much easier.

Pros and cons I guess.

I just like to grab the thing out of the air I suppose hehe.

also, pyro 3 has some amazing spikes.

Edit: I just found the OD spikes to be kind of difficult, compared to a lot of other spikes. Model 10 is my favorite (obviously).

Oh, and the Buttermouse Rush has some really nice nippley spikes. Spikes with a rounded tip. hehe

SPYY Spikes for the win. :wink:

Especially on the El Ranchero. Those things are killer at matador fun!