Go grab up your prestige. If you have one…
And give it a nice hard throw.

You see those dimple things in the hub? Pretend they’re hubstacks and grab them (lightly) and you can get a solid 10 seconds of holding them while still being able to bind it back.

I know awesome…

:o ;D 8)

How effective is it compared to a spike for matador?

I kind of thought it was obvious. lol Cool for you, I guess.


Ive heard of those but I’m not sure what they are

Have u tried it?

You can’t effectively grab the dimple out of mid-air or anything, but if you grab the dimples matador-stylee from a mount… it’s GREAT.

Hey, OP. Try grabbing the dimples and turning the yoyo horizontal and you can pull of a wicked long/clean fingerspin.

Yeah, I’ve been doing this, too. You can even pull-start the yoyo if you don’t mind a medium spin. Good luck getting a super-powerful spin, but it’s still cool.

The EXACT same technique (not the pull-start, just the matador-like move)… if you have a weeee little bit of fingernail…

You can do it with any yoyo that has Ultra Light Side Effects. :wink:

With regards to matador comparisons… matador with spikes is still superior. But this is a good dimension to the Prestige. It makes the dimple useful; only with extreme care or skill will you be able to hop to fingerspin with that dimple (it can be done; Alex Gallimore proved it… but…).

Omg I never thought about doing that. IMMA grab my prestige

Yes I did actually the day I got my first one!

You can do that with a Raptor…


also works with prodigy.

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“Discovered” they suck hard for metador and there are already yoyos out that use dimples for metador (the Void).