whut is matador yoyoing?

whut is matador?

Ever notice the spikes on the side of a yoyo? Well people grap on to them like hubstacks but it’s harder since the spikes dont individually spin. Then they just move the yoyo around while holding on to the spikes.

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matador spikes don’t hurt, when you do it, I suggest hubstacks.

Hubstacks are for n00bs, real men use spikes.

Hey JonasK, the yoyo would lose a LOT of spin if you don’t use hubstacks and if you use spikes, You can’t do a pull start. Think of it, no pull start, no fun. :wink:

If you have skills you won’t lose that much spin times and you can pull start. I can easily pull start and get over a minute of spin with the nuts on my Project 2.

Shinsaki, the spikes dont’t spin!!! >:(

But the yoyo can spin while you are holding onto the spikes…

Hate to say it, but you’re wrong here, dude.

Still waiting for the moment when I can say that to you :stuck_out_tongue:

cant u take the hubstacks off and use the posts to do this ^

These moments come more often than you think, you just have to be on the lookout. :wink:

Hey, I just did a pull start with my Radian Super-Light. Shazam.

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Matodar yoyoing is w/ spikes similiar to hubs
I’ve found I can do pull starts on most yoyos without hubs or spikes(ENEME, Dv888, unspiked hany just to name a few)

Sorry, but the question has been answered already.

can someone make a tut for the matador pull start.

what is a cheap yoyo that you can do this on?

Or get a peterfish luminator, take the caps off and sand…a lot.

My friend, Born2yoyo, to a long axle that fit his CU and sanded it down to spikes, on each end. It was pretty intense, you could pull-start or anything in J.Lev’s vid.


Note: All who think matador is impossible, its not. The spikes are small enough that you can hold onto the yoyo wit reduceing close to none of its speed.

It is just like pull starting a hubstacked yoyo.