matador style

Hello! I have a question about styles of playing. I was watching I have found yo-yo factory G5-black for playing matador style.My question acually is what is matador style of yo-yoing ???

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Matador refers to a style of yoyoing where the yoyo has one of two peices on the side; either Hubstacks or Matador Horns (Also called Spikes) Here’s some pictures:

^^ Matador horns on the Throwdown Luchador (the little bit that sticks out on the side)

^^ Hubstacks on a Yoyofactory 888 (the little white circles are the stacks)

Basically, the idea of this style is to (While the yoyo is sleeping) pinch the horns or hubstacks, in which case the yoyo can be held completely horizontally. Its a very interesting looking move, although it lacks practical use. You can implement it if you get a yoyo with these parts, but it shouldn’t be a sole reason for getting a yoyo.

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Do we consider hubstack tricks matador? I’m not against it, I’ve just always associated matador with spikes and hubstacks as their own thing. Idk, probably an arbitrary distinction.

Either way matador is fun! Not all spikes are created equally though (probably skill issue but I swear many spikes are just for visual aesthetics). The Legato 2 has the best spike I’ve tried. OD Thorn and yoyospirit Traveller also look good for it.

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Mmmm… Matador…


I’d personally consider stack and matador tricks to be the same. Stacks just feel like functional spikes taken to the logical extreme (sharper spike = less friction/spin loss → bearing stacks = even lower friction/spin loss).

I’m sure you could come up with tricks that only work on one or the other, or are simply easier with one type. But for the most part stacks just seem like juiced up spikes. Maybe comparable to a fixed axle vs bearing string trick yoyos. At the end of the day they’re still both just things you use to do string tricks. Spikes and stacks are both just things you use if you want to grab the yoyo while it’s spinning.

I think the only real distinction is matador definitively isn’t a style of yoyoing. Matador is just a general branch of tricks that can exist within almost any style of yoyo play.


All this time I thought pull starting the yo-yo into a finger spin was called “The Matador”