matador style


Hello! I have a question about styles of playing. I was watching I have found yo-yo factory G5-black for playing matador style.My question acually is what is matador style of yo-yoing ???

(J. Lev) #2

Matador refers to a style of yoyoing where the yoyo has one of two peices on the side; either Hubstacks or Matador Horns (Also called Spikes) Here’s some pictures:

^^ Matador horns on the Throwdown Luchador (the little bit that sticks out on the side)

^^ Hubstacks on a Yoyofactory 888 (the little white circles are the stacks)

Basically, the idea of this style is to (While the yoyo is sleeping) pinch the horns or hubstacks, in which case the yoyo can be held completely horizontally. Its a very interesting looking move, although it lacks practical use. You can implement it if you get a yoyo with these parts, but it shouldn’t be a sole reason for getting a yoyo.