Master or Beginner?



Me ima god… I’ve did it more than the master failed


I don’t learn tricks anymore, no
I learn world yoyo champs routines
And then I do them with a blindfold
And then I do them behind my back
Unless they are behind the back tricks
In which cas I do them in front
Or upside down.


The one thing I truly know is that I know nothing.


Yah…, You gotta get on the Straight Edge. Learn how to make your Yeses–Yes and your Noes–No.


What are you if you’ve tried more than the master’s failed?


Likely a master

({RTD} alecto) #8

Well then we shoot you and forget to bury you cause you would’ve probably sucked at that too…

(Owen) #9

ok so what am I if ive failed at trying like a whole bunch?