hit a stump

ive hit a stump and im not making any good tricks and im kinda having trouble moving on to the master tricks and i dont know what to do. and im planning starting some 4a but still wanna improve in 1a


Keep practicing. When you get more experience you will find a style that will best suit you. Remember the yoyo doesn’t make the player.

Same thing happend to me. I’d take a small break from learning new tricks, and go back and play some of your old tricks for a while. Then when you go bakck, the new tricks wont be so hard.

just take it easy.
that happen to most people.

have fun.
break is needed sometimes.

Aw, mate, I know the feeling. I get blocks like that just the same. Try not to fret over it too much…Its like being a musician, or an artist…You cant turn on the creativity like flicking a switch. Take a break, come back to it in a week or so, give your mojo time to come back. Maybe try throwing outside, in a park where folk are watching? It works for me, lets hope the same happens for you!

Same happens tome, and stilldoes, I foundthat if you just take a break for a while, like 1/2-A day and then comeback to it you kinda feel refreshed, if you know what I mean and then I then sorta let the creativity flowagain!

i have the same problem. the master tricks are a real step up from the expert tricks. it is just that they are complex, and a lot of the moves are new feeling. keep trying.

after i kept trying, i gave up and took a break. i have been practicing my moves for a few months now and i feel that i have become really smooth.

after i kept perfecting what i knew, i felt like all the same moves have become boring and repetitive. next, i went through the learn section and learned all the tricks i skipped. i can now do every trick besides the master ones.

after i ran out of stuff to learn, i had a stroke of creativity and came up with my own whip/slack/hook. it is sort of all 3. i am at this point in my journey so i can’t help you any further… maybe i will look at the master section again…

That’s exactly what I did dude, and I gotta say, It works like a charm! Great post cUrlYo!


but yesterday after reading this and replying, i decided to check out the master section again. long story short, i know and whut.

when you want to start learning master section, i recommend you watch the over view. it didn’t really help, but it inspired me. i noticed i was at a point where i could do tricks well, but they were not complex. i would see my friend who has been throwing a year longer and he does these complex tricks and i wanted to learn them. the video says that the master tricks are what really show you the difference from nice tricks that are cool, vs complex tricks that make you a better player for every one you learn.

but i am going to tackle yuuki slack today

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What they said. Great advice.

why did you hit a stump, what did the stump do to you. I must say obusing poor defensless stumps is not very nice. :stuck_out_tongue: