Massive Thanks to Steve Brown and Everyone that helped put on WYYC2016!!!!

Worlds in Cleveland looked to be a great success from a spectators point of view! Everything looked smooth and professional. The stage and sound system was grand, and the sound guys were on point! The whole vacation was perfect from the weather to the people.

There are so many that will never see this, but i have to say this to them all, THANK YOU!!!

The competitors over of 20 countries, the kids’ parents that were dragged out there and thought the music was terrible, Thank you! THanks to all the vendors for making the trips and doing your “jobs” during the events I want to say I appreciate your services and it was SO cool to meet everyone! To the Hosts and little kid that helped hold the signs. Thanks. To the first timers and the veterans of the sport. Thanks to every single person that was there at the worlds record attempt. It was beautiful and something Ill keep in my heart always. The smiles on everyones faces was priceless. Even if we didnt (we dont know yet!) break the record, Im still honored to be a part of it. (link to short video during the attempt )
Thank you Cleveland for having such art ( the snails!!! ), architechtire, and pedestrian friendly downtown. Thanks to the bums for being nice, giving a compliment and shaking my hand before asking for money. I want to thank the venue for putting up with out sillyness and having a kicking sound system to drop the bass hard enough to feel it. Thanks to the volunteers that made this machine work. Thanks to everyone that I missed but most of all, . .

Thanks for spearheading the event and taking the brunt of the crushing force that is a festival like this. The immense pressure, the long hours, the mostly overlooked thankless endurance runs that make days blur together and make you ask what day it is. When everything is working no body knows that anything is even happening, and when a problem arises someone has to step up make the big decisions, over and over again. The financial risks and losses that are just part of the game. The being there-but-not-actually-there figure having to work instead of attend that which has laboriously come to be over months and months of planning, phone calls, emails, paperwork, the brain juice needed to squeeze out and make be that which was WORLDS 2016 in Cleveland OH. You and your crew just made a HUGE positive impression of thousands of people to a place that may not ever have even thought about, you put it on the map. From a long time traveler, I was really impressed as was everyone else. You guys and gals were directly doing much larger positive work than you may have realize as it extends far past the yoyo contest.
You made somemthing special, far reaching, and lasting in the minds on many many people and families all over the world. Thanks. The smiles and wonderful energy makes the world a better place. YOU DID THAT! You helped make the world a better place.
Thank you from the deepest parts of my being for doing what you have done.


So I guess you liked Contest? :thinking:

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I did! I did not get to spend all my time there as to to tourist stuff with my muggle wife, but she left yoyoing! Really its not often that you can reach out somewhat directly to the ones behind the scenes. These are the ones that usually go under appreciated since the spot light is not on them.
I had some feels, im better now. :wink:

Dust your signature is bosssss! Sorry just noticed it and had to say something :slight_smile:

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