Massachusetts Meet up?

Whats up Guys,

Ive been looking for a massachusetts group and cant seem to find one. I know they have the club at A2Z 3 days a week over in northhampton… but im in bridgewater and thats like 2 hours away.

If there are people from my area (south of boston) i would love to gather a group and meet up!

Let me know!


There are meetups at Greeley Park in Nashua NH. That’s practically in Massachusetts. In fact, most of the people that go are in Massachusetts.

I also organize the annual Yoyo BBQ at the same location.

Did a quick mapquest search and thats about an hour and a half drive for me. I think the closest one ive heard of so far is the one at POW! Science in providence rhode island. Its about an hour away, but its once a month, so its reasonable.

where are you from?


I’m in Pepperell, MA. There are a few more yoyoers and diabloists here. Besides Massachusetts, others come to the meets from New York and New Hampshire.

I live near boston about 20 minutes away

Trust me when I say that an hour and a half drive is well worth it when doing to the annual yoyo bbq. This years was off the string.

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Spinmaster where you at?

And i will definitely hit up the annual bbq this year. that sounds like a blast.


I’ll have the thread when it goes down. Last two have been July 31st and August 7, if that’s any perspective as to when they will probably be in the future. It’s always cool to bring some food or treats to add to the mix.

Keep you eyes peeled come summer.

I’m in watham ma

I know its not massachusetts, but is anyone going to POW Science this coming sunday for the yoyo club? Its in providence which is a half hour from me. Its really the closes yoyo club to me. The other one is all the way in northhampton.

Just seeing if anyone was stopping by. Looking forward to meeting some fellow yoyoers


I would definatley meet we would just have to make up a date and location to meet