Anyone in Maine?

I’m heading home from school tomorrow. I’m in the Brunswick area; anyone nearby at all? It’d be awesome to have a few meets over the summer.

I’m in NH.

2 hours or more away from you.

Is the NH yoyo club to far for you?

Two hours is quite a drive… I’d really like to get to an NH meet, but I might not be able to make it happen. :frowning:

Ah, hope you can come. :slight_smile:

yea i am in northern Maine

Hey Ben. Big Mike did make it to the NH BBQ he has so much swag!! He is probably back at school now and not in ME now. Sorry.

Vader’s right, I’m in Boston for school now. I’m probably going to be back for most of December and January though. How far away from Brunswick are you? Also, if it isn’t way too far out, I’d recommend trying to make it to MA States later this month. Always a fun time.

Yes MA states will be great. If you can make it. It’s well worth the trip as you would be able to meet a lot of yoyoers in person. I will be there for sure.

yea sounds like fun but i live 9 hour drive away from MA, i live next to caribou in woodland Maine population of 1400

Ya dude that is like in the middle of nowhere. I love going in the woods but living up there must be crazy.

yea it is in the middle of nowhere but it is fun

Im from sanford maine. Not too far from brunswick. Im down to meet up and throw somtime

My fb accnt is /imnorfrommexico

Me an add.


If your in the area you should check out the NH yoyo club.

thank you guys well if i am ever down there i will make sure to contact you and see about the NH yoyo club

If you have Facebook or twitter follow us for updates on meetings.

what is your facebook account

Got to the community tab on the top bar of YYE its under find a yoyo club. Andre linked our clubs Facebook and twitter.