is ther any yoyo people in norther Maine

i was wondering if there are any people who play yoyo in norther Maine???, i am in woodland Maine next to caribou, i would like to get to know some other yoyoers

Wow dude that is a long way up there. I live in Manchester, NH I believe I meet someone from ME but not that far up. If you ever make your way south on a weekend try and check out our yoyo club in NH.

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yea it is far up there, i have not found one person who can yo-yo, i fell like i am the only one this far north in the united states who can yo-yo

I live in Maine when I’m not at school, but I’m more southern, near Portland. I only know of one other yoyoer in the state and he’s also southern. There really aren’t yoyoers in Maine.

get people to yoyo!

i tried but no one is interested in yo-yoing, they think it is cool what i can do with a yo-yo but that’s about it, they don’t even want to try to learn