Markmont Classic vs. Overture

Just from observation the Overture looks to me like a slightly larger Markmont Classic (with a substantially wider gap to accommodate its long axle). But surely there is more to it than that?

What makes the Overture different, in terms of play feel, from the Markmont Classic? Why own both?

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There is no “vs.”

The Overture wouldn’t be if it wern’t for the Markmont Classic, and a few others.

The Markmont Classic helped inspire the design of The Overture.

MMC has Side Effects.

Both play differently. “In the hand” feel totally different.

The Overture hits the “midrange” market with a $65 retail.

Both are great, but different. For me I prefer the Markmont Classic, just feels better in the hand to me and I love the look/feel of spiked side effects on it.

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Also, I the Overture doesn’t have a response bump like the MMC. That makes it more of a true organic, or USDA certified organic as I like to say.

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MMC (or MC) > Overture, big time

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Absolutely, for my preferences. The Overture isn’t nearly as rim-loaded. Not saying that’s a bad thing and I did enjoy the overture in the mix, but it has it’s pace, and that’s pretty much the only pace it like going (it isn’t a very fast pace)