how's the markmont classic?

How does it play? In comparison to like the shutter or summit?

It doesn’t play like either, Their shapes are different. Markmont is an O shape for smooth slower play.

I love mine with the aluminum side effects. To me it feels light and “floaty” while still being really stable. Like really, it’s crazy stable and spins forever. With the brass side effects the Markmont feels completely different to me. It’s more much more laid back feeling.

Obliterates the other two

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It’s really, really good. Doesn’t play similarly to the Shutter or Summit, but I like it better than both.

It’s extremely comfortable in hand, and has an awesome finish on it. The weight is adjustable with the aluminum and brass side effects like zomglmao said, both types come with it. It’s my best performing organic shape by far. Highly recommended.