Markmont presents - The Markmont. Classic!

From @Markmont: Originally released in October 2014, the Markmont. Classic was an attempt at creating the next ‘best classic organic’ throw in a timeline of other classic organic shape throws - the SuperYo Renegade, Duncan Freehand 1 and Buzz-On Industries Element X to name a few. Working with skill toy and ‘brother brand’ manufacturer One Drop Yo-Yos I referenced my 10 favorite designs that altered the game entirely when crafting this yo-yo. Putting the term ‘classic’ in the name of the throw was definitely something I took very seriously. You can’t just go slapping ‘classic’ on any ole thing LOL. This meant spending a ‘good’ amount of time in the prototyping phase.

There’s a really specific balance I wanted to strike. If too stable it takes away from the throws play signature, but too unstable and it is too sensitive to play mistakes (yet this is crucial to allow for easier manipulation of the throws speed and axis adjustment). Right in the middle is where I wanted to be. Achieving this with a simple amount of visual details and details that were unique to the Markmont. brand specifically, was the challenge.

12 drawn prototypes and 6 builds later resulted in the Markmont. Classic.

I use to semi-classify the play style of this throw as ‘floaty’, but after really pushing the limits of what this throw can do for the last 3 years of re-working my own throw style, I’ve resolved to it being ‘open format’. It’s neutral speed is relatively floaty, but at an instant with ease, you can manipulate the speed much slower or much faster. If in play your throw is slightly tilted or ‘off axis’, it doesn’t take much effort to bend the plane back straight (with a little bit of practice of course). This here is really where the Markmont. Classic steps forward with a respectful handshake.

Go head and get you a good ol’ ding in it early so you can get more comfy with actually PLAYING this throw LOL. Then with no fear of messing it up jjjaaammm with it for a ‘decent’ chunk of time, because once you get use to its play style, then you’re really in for a comfy ride with just the right amount of bounce in its string interactions.


I do enjoy the Markmont Classic. People definitely shouldn’t sleep on this.


Okay, I gotta ask…what color are the ultra-lites on the teal and purple models???


Look like brass ultra lights

I think they’re gold anodized. Doesn’t look like brass to me.

Edit: some of the MMCs on Markmont.’s shop come with gold or yellow anodized ultralites, and they look like the ones on the teal / purple here.

I think you’re right. Didnt look close enough. Looks like the same ones on the gold coin run

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Lol, just finished editing my comment to say basically that.

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yeah, they’re not brass, yellow/gold ano aluminum.

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Ah, okay. Those go great with the gold coin MC (which I have), but alas they aren’t orange enough for my purposes. :disappointed:

@Markmont, the MC you used in your Fully Freestyle (oct '19) video, is it the same colourway as the silver on sale here on this site?
In your video it looks quite grainy matte colour and I wondered if it was the same.

Debating between a classy looking silver or a bright purple at the moment for my cart :slight_smile:

Replied in another thread as well but it is indeed a different matte finish. It’s beef blasted - the ones made now are pyramatte :+1:t6:

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Thank you again @Markmont!

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