Art life and OD overture

Life and overture both of these yoyos are somewhat similar, which is better for you and why and how different are they?

They’re definitely not similar man.

420 is full on oversized with an even weight distribution.

Overture is somewhere between full sized and slightly oversized, and I can’t speak on its weight distribution because I don’t own one, but from the pictures it looks pretty standard partial rim weighted organic.

Shapes are different also, ones an almost pure organic and one is a high walled flat rimmed H looking thing with smooth lines.

The overture is definitely easier to get than the 420, so I’d say If you’re not sure, maybe go with the overture.

I’ve only tried the Overture. It is a very smooth, larger yoyo that fits really nicely in your hand. A bit heavier, but the larger diameter keeps it from feeling like a rock.

I opted for the Markmont Classic over it, and the MMC is also a very nice yoyo. Floaty, comfy, and of course side effects, if you like the option altering weight and looks.

Idk about finding a 420 when the other options are so nice to begin with, unless you’ve tried it before and just want to make sure no better alternatives exist.

I’ve had both and can say they were both a 9/10 for me.

Overture is straight up organic, 9/10 for stability, 9/10 for comfort, 9/10 for movement (kinda heavy, but I like that)

420 is an A-RT signature ‘Flat-O’ shape, 7/10 for stability, 9/10 for comfort, 10/10 for movement (nice and nimble, not too much weight despite its large size)

You can’t go wrong either way. Your post title though says A-RT Life, which I cannot weigh in on, but I’ve never heard an unkind word about it.

guys thank you all but I wanted to say not 420 but life sorry🤣

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I have both, Life and Overture. The overture feels honestly like an organic brick, it’s comfortable but you have to plod along when using it. It’s on the verge of being oversized so it has a very “big yoyo” feel. It’s good for most tricks, even horizontal is easily done with it. But for some odd reason, it feels like a cheap knock off. No disrespect to OD, but it doesn’t even feel like a OD. It honestly feels like a Chinese knock off. It’s fun, easy to get, but you sacrifice play feel.

The Life on the other hand? It’s something else. For one, it’s a true A-RT organic. It’s super comfortable and easy to throw, pleasant to play with, but in typical A-RT fashion, you gotta smooth yourself out. This yoyo has borderline NO STABILITY, one mistake will throw it all the way off axis. You gotta learn how to use it properly before you can truly enjoy the experience. The organic shape makes it feel bigger than it actually is, but in reality it’s a midsized yoyo that is actually super super light.

For me? The Life is the superior yoyo, but only if you know what works for it and you accept that it can’t do the extreme horizontals and complex tech.

Hope this helps!

I don’t really agree with either point here. Maybe slightly on the OT, but I think the brick is extreme. And I think you’re confusing the Life with a different art yo-yo.

Nope, definitely have it. Just my preference though with how they feel to me. I have plenty of OD’s, but the overture feels nothing like a OD to me. The Life is beyond fun to play with, but goes off axis with every mistake. Really makes you have to smooth out a combo. My opinion was on my experience with them, and were not to be taken as a review on the product but as a comparison.

(This is coming from someone who typically uses bimetals and is accustomed to the extreme stability)