for both front and sidestyle tricks, i noticed that my manipulation isnt too good and my yoyo tends to tilt or even turn during the tricks, especially the longer ones.

any tips to help practice manipulation? (it’s definitely not a yoyo problem btw)

Make sure to focus on keeping your string parallel to the plane your yoyo is spinning on. Experiment with how different motions can tilt the yoyo one way or another, and eventually learn to manually correct it during tricks.

You may also need to work on your throw. One way to do that is to practice adjusting aiming at different areas in relation to your body, until you find a spot that causes your yoyo to sit nice and straight. Then keep throwing there until you develop a naturally straight throw.

Hope that helps!


Then, when you have a good throw, do the following during your tricks. After you get enough practice with it, you’ll be able to do it naturally while you do your tricks.

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Well there’s no real manipulation to get a straight yoyo. It’s all about the throw. Straight and Strong is all I have to say for that matter.

Fixed that for you.

kukumalu, look here:

also, when you catch it on the string, are u making sure there is slack. if your string is completely taught, the yoyo will turn or fall off the string. as i have recently stated in a different thread, if you were laying in a hammock, would you like the hammock to be taught, or slacked. if it is slacked, then it will hold you in better, if it is taught, then there isn’t much holding you in. now replace the hammock for string and you for your yoyo and that should be the right idea.