man on trapeze help, STUCK!!!!!!!!!

need help on man on trapeze. ???

with what in particular

i cant get the yoyo on the string

It’s really just practice. Make sure you’re throwing the breakaway nice and straight. You not throwing the breakaway well is probably the problem. A trick to do it well is stand next to a wall and face it. Then throw a breakaway without hitting the wall. Keep moving closer to the wall every time you throw a nice breakaway. After you do that nicely then just practice it getting to go over your finger straight. You just have to practice it a lot.

Put your finger on the l;ast two thirds of the string, and as the yoyo comes around, quickly move your finger towards it

move ur finger out more and put it there befor the throw

This might be redundant now, but It might also help to just swing the yo-yo at you finger while it’s dead. Aim so that it misses by a little bit and try to get it to hit the string. If you can get it to hit 8-9times outta 10, you most likely have it. Also, you can try learning it from a sleeper first(thats what my friend did) just throw a good one and turn so you are lined up.