Making yoyo part of a class project.

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I am a senior in high school and do projects and papers a lot for the classes I take. Like two or three projects/papers a week. And just about everytime I have some how made yoyoing apart of the project. Example I take marketing and use yoyo companies as my examples or such. Have you guys ever put yoyoing into your class projects or papers ect.


Im planning to!


i had to do a demonstration speech and my topic was yoyoing =) the fact that i was doin that got me back into yoyoing too. the only time ive been happy to go to school i think

(_|@<06) #4

I had nothing to do for a speech, so i did it on yoyoing, with an imperial my mom recently gave me lol worked great and got me into yoying ;D


A YoYo boom happened at my school lately, and I’ve been doing everything I can to popularize it.


I actually teach at a high school in IL. I’ve just started a yo-yo explosion at our school. I just hope I can get it going again next year. If so we’re talking of starting a yo-yo club.


if 9 can i will and finally mor epoepl are starting to yoyo and i alredy have 2 people i teach ;D

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Were also having a boom of yoyos at our school with everything but 3A ::slight_smile: and ya im doing a persuasive speech and my topic is “Why we should have a yo-yo competition at our school”. ;D


lol,my school had the same thing but our principal banned then…


We had to make a Compund Machine out of Simple Machines. I brought my Grey Fox and said

“I took it apart and customized it!”

“FIne 89%”

“I like to use my Renaissance Card”

“That bumped your grade up to an A”


i did this

i did those and got A’s in my tech class

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my topic in my report is all about yoyoing…
(im in junior high.)

(Raphael) #13

in 7th grade english you had two write or tape or record a paper, video or a song. My latest Paper was called “Unique”: a Yoyo poem ::slight_smile: