Woo! I got a grade for yoyoing!

I’m taking a public speaking course this quarter, and our first thing was a demonstration. I demo’d how to wind, throw, catch, and bind an off-string yoyo. It was quite cool, we went down to the gym, because I didn’t want to be the guy who messed up and broke the over-head projector with a yoyo. Every one’s jaw dropped when they saw me bust out a few whips. We do peer evaluations, and the max you can get on one is 20. My average was 19.6… Needless to say, my mad yoyo skills mixed with humorous commentary went over very well. I also went first for the day, and set the bar incredibly high. I think the kid talking about setting up a fantasy football team who went after me was a tad intimidated.

Any one else ever get an opportunity like this?


Yeah, my friend and I got out of our classes to do a demonstration, the teacher gave us extra credit. We did this twice in one day.

next semester I have to take speech or intro to acting and I chose acting. Who knows, maybe I can convince the teacher to let me throw instead

What a coincidence! I also did my speech today about yoyos. To make it simple, it’s a simple hold and thow a yoyo properly. [gravity pull]. I used my Loop900s because it will the job just right. I was more on explaining the smallest but most important things than just putting everything in one sentence. I made it as informative as possible while making sure that my word choice is the kind that everyone understands because I assume that not all of them are yoyoers.

Andre’s video tutorial on the gravity pull gave me lots of good pointers to put. I thank him for that.
I got 90% on it! :smiley:

This one time I got a free donut for yoyoing. So I was gonna hang out with my friends in town, and we decided that we wanted to get donuts from this bakery (cause they have the best donuts on the planet). I got there before anyone else and to pass the time I started yoyoing, after a few minutes a lady comes out of the bakery and hands me a donut saying, “We like what you’re doing, keep it up.” I was speechless, so i just thanked her and kept yoyoing until my friends arrived.

That’s awesome man. I also did my first speech in my public speaking class on yoyoing. I decided to focus on the different styles of yoyoing, and ironically chose to omit 4A, actually on the same grounds you did with the whole overhead thing. I didn’t have the ability to relocate to a gym/auditorium. Even my rudimentary 5A demonstration was extremely difficult to pull off in the extremely cramped space of this classroom. I think my professor said that demo got me the highest grade in the class for that particular assignment. Nothing like getting that grade for yoyoing!

That’s awesome man. The only thing i ever got in high school for yo-yoing was the the i did a forward pass at the assistant band directors head. Needless to say he confiscated my duncan butterfly and gave me a write up for attempted murder. That’s no joke either. Luckily the principle didn’t find the offence that serious. But i still never got the yo-yo back.

Way to go.

Just proves that if you’re willing to put in effort and find a way to combine something you enjoy with something you have to do, you can get amazing results.

Links Legionnaire, who isnt on here very often, just wrote a college essay about yoyoing and did quite well i hear

I did something like this back in high school speach class, did a 15 minute speach on how i started yoyoing and gave a demo of the tricks and combo’s i could do at the time… also happened to be when i was first starting to learn offstring.

Last year I did a “I can” project fort English an I did it on yoyoing and yoyo’d for quite a while because the teacher kept saying “keep going” but then I got a knot but it was defintialy fun and unique got an A so that was great too! :smiley: