Making String


I’ve thought about making strings for a while now, so today I did!

6 strands trilobal poly, and 6 strands of regular poly. Plays pretty well, only thing is I put too many strands in, plays like a marshmallowed version of a yoyo string lol . I’m gonna try making another in a sec, wish me luck!

I tried making a thinner string. It’s type 8 with 4 strands trilobal poly and 4 strands regular poly! I twisted a lot tighter this time, couldn’t be happier with it :slight_smile:


Looks really loose.


Yeah that’s another thing, I didn’t twist it tight enough. Doesn’t play too bad for my first string ever though! Experimenting is the road to perfection :slight_smile:


Were did you buy the supplies from? Would love to start making my own strings also but Dont know where to go for supplies or what to buy or ask for.