making string

ok so I cant find a yoyo shop where I live and I was eating though string left and right before I got my NR yoyo. so I took up twisting my own string. I take regular sewing tread and run a length from a hook I have in my closet door frame to the handle on my bedroom door and just keep going back and forth until I have enough loops about 10 does it for me. then I take a pen and twist clockwise until its nice and tight. next, while keeping tension on the string I put the loop my pen was I and hook that on the hook and put my pen back in on the other end. now I just twist counter clock wise until its nice and tight and looks like yoyo string. then I let it go and unwind the extra tension off. tie it off and adjust to proper length and get my finger loop in place and were ready for a yoyo.

that’s my process. any tips? it works really well IMO, but the loop around my finger doesn’t stay very tight even with the loop “pointing” to my pinky. any way I can get that out or do I just deal?

Here’s a couple of ideas I offered to prevent finger pain. I’ve also used both methods for slippery strings. Maybe it will work for you.,66609.0.html