Making Electronic Music

Hola! I just got a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-20 Arcade. I’m hooked. Looking into the Korg Volca series now. Making random noises and putting them on my instagram videos.

Anyone else make electronica? What hardware do you use? Do you have a Volca Sample or Volca FM you’d like to trade for yoyos?


I seriously considered getting into this a few years ago, but never did. I do have a Korg Monotron Duo I use for a classroom demo, but I’m not quite musical enough to really pull it off. I remember looking fondly at those Pocket Operators.

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The PO’s are definitely worth the money, considering they are fairly cheap, but still have a lot of features. I would recommend them even if you aren’t musical because it does a lot of the work for you in terms of keeping time. Just tap out a pattern, switch sounds, and tap out another one on top. If it doesn’t sound good you just unclick it!

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I got reaaaally into making edm a while back. I dropped it since i lost my tools to work. I wish i kept on with it and that makes me a little sad.

I mainly only used DAWs tho (Ableton). Here’s the only semi decent piece of music I managed to create (I was really into deep/prog house, sorry if it’s not your jam).

Edit: gosh this video made me nostalgic. 6 years ago. I only went by EOS then since yoyoing wasn’t even in my life. You can even see that old win7 interface and dat 720p lol.


I tried a while back with DAWs (Fruity Loops mainly because my buddy bought it), and couldn’t get into it. Not enough to actually touch I think. I really appreciate being able to FEEL what I’m doing. I think everyone even kind of interested in this kind of thing should pick up a pocket operator at least from amazon so you can return it if you’re not into it. Very tactile and nonthreatening, but again, pretty capable if you spend even an hour fiddling and watching youtube videos.

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Word. I think maybe that’s why i never stepped away from guitar all this years.
Are you planning getting into modular synths?

I also tried a little with some open source DAW, but couldn’t get into it. Just being at the computer seemed less fun or something.

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I really doubt I’d be able to invest the time and funds needed for that. Fatherly duties take precedent. Chaining together a couple Volcas and Pocket Operators though. That’s quick and relatively affordable.

Yes exactly.


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I’m not happy with you about this whole thread. Just one more thing for me to want again.

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I figured I’d take as many down with me as possible. Updating my BST post now to include wants for synths, lol.

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i used todo this… with samplers… and technics 1200s and stacks of records… and effects processors…all that i still have, and are still hooked up. i’m not old school, i’m just old.

“they have the internet on computers now?”

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Nice! I have stacks of vinyl as well, but not enough patience to sample them.

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I used to have a bunch of different things. Of course you can do everything on a computer but I always found working with hardware to be much more enjoyable.

Stuff I used to make music with:
Casio FZ-1
Emu SP-1200
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Eurorack modular synth with various modules


I have no idea what you’re talking about yet, but hopefully I will soon, lol.

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So when are you going to post your creations?

Well so far it’s just a few patterns shoved together in a general song-y formation for my Instagram videos. And poorly recorded from the Pocket Operator. But here they are!

And this one I made at work this morning.


This music really gels awesomely with the trick videos!

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Thanks! I had been using VGM from a free online archive and it feels good to make my own, as simple as it might be.

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I work for a digital musical instrument company.

I strongly recommend u purchasing a Korg Volca Sample.

It can be synced with any PO.

It’s fun & portable.

Don’t buy FM, you won’t need it unless you are a sound designer imho.


Thanks for the advice! I was debating between the two still, so I definitely appreciate it. An inside eye is always nice.