making a Shinwoo Zan Navi unresponsive?

hey guys, I just got myself a shinwoo zannavi with the impression that it was pretty easy to get it to play unresponsive. however, even after turning the spacers to their widest setting i cant get it to play unresponsive at all. does anyone else have any tips, other than using a KK bearing? also, do duncan spacers fit in the zan navi? thanks!

well, remove the bearing, check and make sure the bearing and it’s seat are clean, (clean your bearing) pop everything back in, check out your response system, is it sitting flush or is it a little bit recessed? Check Your string tension or replace your string, give it a few more chucks, see what happens, if you don’t re-lube your bearing it will remain unresponsive without needing to be broken in.

thanks for the reply. so cleaning the bearing shoudl help that much? i’m still pretty new to yoyoing so ive never experienced a bearing after cleaning. ill have to try this. thanks alot!

The zanavi has an interesting response system. Takes a lot of breaking in. It sits the same in every one of their yoyo’s.

So I take it the Zan Navi has P-Pads just like the Hi-Power Zen, eh? :smiley:

Ok ok. Just like all their plastics. :-\

cleaning the bearing helped a little, but id still like it to be more unresponsive. will duncan spacers fit in the zan navi?

I don’t think so. You might also remember that the zanavi a 4a yoyo. It’s designed for offstring. hence the rubber rims. therefore the gap shouldn’t be too big.

ahh ic ok thanks!