Pro Z unresponsive problem

Hey everyone, I just picked up a pro z cause I just got one for my son and I thought it was awesome. I am having a problem with mine though, I threw it for a full day before putting in the spacers but as soon as I did it became totally unresponsive. What can I do to fix this, I am still very new so I don’t know how to bind yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I believe it’s supposed to be unresponsive with the spacers. If you try adding another wrap around the axle with the string and lube the bearing, it should make it responsive.

That’s what the spacers do. That’s what they’re meant to do. To quote YYE’s description of the Pro-Z:

“The PRO Z comes in the box as your standard and responsive (great for beginners) looping yo-yo. In the box are additional MOD spacers and an axle so that you can simply snap these into the yo-yo and make it a string trick yo-yo ready for intermediate and advanced play.

If you want it to be unresponsive, just take the spacers out. I don’t know how easy it will be, but taking them out will make it responsive again.

I’ve found after cleaning the bearings AND using the mod spacers, this becomes rather unresponsive.

Taking out the mod spacers is easy. Just keep track of all the parts. There’s the mod spacers, the longer axle, the 2 metal spacers, the shorter “modified shape” axle. You also need to pop the caps, which you’ve already done before if you’ve put the mod spacers in.

5 minutes for everything but cleaning the bearing.

That reminds me, I have another ProZ to clean the bearing of, and a few other Duncans while I’m at it.

I will try an put some lube on the bearing. My sons we just took out of the box and put the spacers in and it was still pretty responsive, it would sleep really well and spin long but a little tug and it was right back in my hand, so that’s what has me stumped little.

if you put lube in the bearing, it will make it more responsive!

I would recommend putting some lubricant in your bearing such as 3-1 oil, fishing reel oil, or even a touch of Vaseline. These will make the bearing spin slower but will make it quieter and more responsive.

Hope this helps!