Duncan Flipside is suppose to be responsive, Right?

You guys were a big help with my grand daughter’s Metal Drifter. Changing the response pads completely fixed the non-responsive problem. But now I have a similar problem with a brand new yoyo.

I bought her a Duncan Flipside. Allegedly, when you put the small bearing in and flip the spacers (which is the only way the small bearing fits) it’s suppose to be a responsive yoyo. Flip the spacers and use the larger bearing and it’s suppose to be unresponsive. The thing is, it’s unresponsive even with the small bearing. And this is right out of the package, we haven’t worn down the response pads.

I swear, even with a regular Kitty String and thick lube on the bearing the darn thing will not respond. I have never had the yoyo come back without a bind with either bearing.

The only good point about this is that it does bind really easily. My grand daughter has started trying to bind her new Flipside because when she gets the bind right it works really well. A yoyo like my Replay take a bit more skill to bind so the Flipside with the small bearing is kind of an unresponsive yoyo with training wheels

So I’m confused, I thought this was suppose to be a responsive/unresponsive yoyo. Does anyone else here have one and have you noticed the same thing? Did we just get a bad one? Or is that how the Flipside really works (unresponsive and more unresponsive)?

I’d think the responsiveness would be based on the bearing and how lubed it is. I looked on their site and it does say you can switch to responsive by switching the bearing though but I could have sworn both sides were unresponsive.

Can confirm the duncan flipside bearings (both sizes) come unresponsive out of the box.
If you want it to be tug responsive then you will have to thick lube the bearings.

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after trying thick lube try thicker string, and maybe some cotton or 50/50 slick 6 string, the old style strings are more responsive, and most new string is meant for binds, just buy a bulk pack of 50/50 and replace the string often for responsive play