Making a Good Lord of the Rings video game

I have found that there are almost no truly good Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit video games. I’m considering trying to make my own. My current idea is artistic but simple 2d graphics. Quality varied gameplay (not constant fighting, nor stupid fetch-quests), and focusing on following the story exactly like the book.

What do you guys think? Also would a game be better top view (exploration is miles better), or side view (Better looking graphics, but exploration is pointless).

Also would you enjoy a game that follows the books ridiculously close (basically directly copying all of the dialogue), or would you prefer something that goes a little faster at the expense of skipping some dialogue.

And please stop telling me I’d have to license it. I’m not going to and I don’t think that will be a problem.

Hm… Good idea! LOTR needs a good vid game. Probably like LoZ is how I imagine it being a good game. And it should be really close to the story, but not so much reading it makes you want to turn it off. Perhaps have it read as you play, that’d reduce time waste on just sitting there

Yep yep yep :)…

Thanks for the support! That’s what I was thinking. I don’t really want it to just be a digital copy of the book. What do you think about side view or some type of top view?

It should be played like the newer Zelda’s.

EDIT  CryEngine 3 is free and very easy to use.  I’m just about to start on my process of making a game in it with a group of friends.  I believe its coded in C++ as well.  As CryTek asks is that you make the game free, unless you contact them about licensing.

It would probably be a lot easier to make it First-Person, but I believe you can develop in Third-Person using it as well.

PS: I’ve always wanted a LOTR game…

One last thing, I could help if you wanted.  I’m currently learning CryEngine.

Have fun trying to license Lord of the Rings content.

Sounds pretty awesome! I’m not that great at making 3d objects though, so I’ll probably stick with 2D.

Why would I have to license it?

He was saying if you want to sell this game it’d have to be licensed. Wildcat said that on his comment about selling with cryengine3… And… well… good luck :smiley:

It’s really not hard to learn. A lot easier than programming.

I’ve already done a lot of 3d modelling and none of it looks nearly as good as my 2d art. 3d modelling is easy, but making anything that looks good is hard.

I don’t plan on selling it, so licensing shouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah, it didn’t seem like you would want to. Just clarifying for you.

And also, if you need some help, I’d be happy to any way possible. I can’t really do any programming and stuff, but perhaps with brain storming, or art, I can help. And if not, that’s cool too, just figured I’d put that out there :slight_smile:

Derivative work, whether commercial or not, is protected under United States copyright law and your game would certainly not fall under fair use.

That may be the law, but I don’t think anyone cares. Thousands of people make games, animations, art, short stories, etc… that use a licensed franchise with no side effects. So I don’t think it will really matters.

I don’t think I’ll be making this for a while, but brainstorming would be greatly appreciated!

Have you ever heard of fan fiction?

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Exactly! And the same is true for free games that use no content from the movies.

Besides, you aren’t licensing from the movies, but the book.

You said you were making a “good game” so I figured you were making something that was actually worth playing and, consequently, licensing and distributing.

What makes you think that good games that are worth buying need to be sold? Many of my favorite games are free. I’m just making it for fun. I’m not trying to make a blockbuster 3d game that’s sold in stores.

I pour heart and soul into good solid work, and a lot of the time it’s for free! And when it’s not, it’s barely breaking even! :smiley: but I see where you’re coming from, there’s a lot of junk out there, but this game will be awesome!