Make Videos Of Your Own

I think that it would be awesome for you guys to make some professional-looking videos of the best of YoYoExpert yoyoing and put it in a new tab on the top of all the pages.

This would be an interesting new thing and every week or so you guys could probably “round up” all the best videos of the users and put them in there as well. You guys could even host some video making events if you wanted to (well I guess you could do that anyways, but it would be cooler in it’s own tab).

So who’s with me, do you all want YoYoExpert to make some amazing videos?

That’s two different things:

1: User submitted videos. Of course, professionally done is a matter of interpretation and capabilities. I’d settle for “not crap”, which sadly, most are. Even so, sometimes the CONTENT and subject matter more than makes up for the lacking skills in the “video” department.

2: New YYE-made videos? I think most of us are strongly in favor of this! I think the Ben Conde series, while could use a little work(say, a lav mic instead of a room or camera mic for example) is exactly what we’re those wanting more YYE-content are looking forward to.