Mail Day/Present


My gf got these two for my birthday. The yyf Paolista has some scratches in the cup and wondering if I should return it or this is normal. More annoyed that it want done by me and it’s pretty notice.


Can’t really see them in the picture but there’s like 10 small dots/scratches. I’ve never done fingers grinds but do you yo yos normally get scratches that easily?


Nice looking fade. I think I can see what you are taking about in the center of the cup. I would ask to exchange if it bothered me.

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It dosent effect play so why bother returning it


It’s really smooth so I’ll probably keep.


How do you like the paolista?


Haven’t really played with many yoyos so don’t know describe it. It’s feels slower compared to my shutter but the Poalista is extremely smooth, no vibe. Wondering if I just got good one :smiley: The matte finish makes feel nice and soft in your hand but I am affarid that it will scratch easily. Haven’t scratched yet.

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Yes! I have compass and got a scratch on it a week after i got it, it doesent have anymore scracthes now but it can be quite easy to scratch metal yoyos.

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