Mail call!


Well, I had packages come in today, and I’m finally getting to sit down and give these a whirl…


({John15}) #3

Waaait… That’s not a Terrarian…


Oops, sorry for not mentioning that. He had the wrong box.

({John15}) #5

What is it?


Benchmark o

({John15}) #7

Oh lol. Nice!


First metal yoyo and I got 4 at once.


The Turntable 1.0 in silver is IMO one of the prettiest yoyos out there on the basis of pure asthetics. I’m not too sure about the Turntable 2.0, looks wise it got worse to me, but I’m sure it plays better…

(Ken) #10

How did you get a turntable 1.0?


A guy @WH0TH3MAN said hey, do you want a free yoyo? If so PM me. So I did thinking there was a catch, but nope. That awesome guy just mailed it to me for nothing but to give me my first metal yoyo.


It is BEAUTIFUL, to me it reminds me of T-1000 in liquid form. Lol