MagicYoyo T8

How does this compare to a stackless G5? I was thinking about tracking down a G5, but I’m not a fan of stacks, and I also feel strange about buying a G5 with the intention of removing the stacks. Something about that just bothers me. Does anyone have any experience with the T8? It is strikingly similar to the G5 and I figure for 10 dollars I can’t really go wrong, just looking to here some opinions. Perhaps I can give it a try, and if I like the shape and what not, I can upgrade to the G5 later. :slight_smile:

PS. I hope we’re allowed to talk about MagicYos on here? ???

Of course we’re allowed to talk about them! MYY, In my opinion is a company that deserves more recognition. I haven’t played with the t8 but I have thrown other MYYs, and they’re so good! Plus the t8 looks great. I have the n9 with 'stacks and everything, and it’s epic. My favorite, I think, is the n5. It’s got such a long spin time and is wide for landing string tricks. Go for the t8! Unfortunately, I haven’t played the g5 yet, so there’s not much I can tell you. Sorry this is a few months late lol…

I personally think it is not wide enough. I will list my favorite below( and I have almost every one)

T5,n11,n9,t6,t8… Then the others

everybody always recommends the Overlord. Is it awesome?