MagicYoYo T8 - Any Good?

my sis is a total noob… she can bind but cant land a trapeze without UFOing…
she wants to know if the MagicYoYo T8 is good.
if you dont know its ok.

i have a t8 it good but you have to get use to the shape and how narrow it is.

I would start her off with one if the following:


Classic, Perlude, Speed maker, or a Legacy 2.

Out if the Yoyojams the Classic and Legacy are the best.

Yoyofactorys: ONE, Whip, OneStar, or a velocity.

Out of the Yoyofactorys, The OneStar is the best playing, the velocity is a Unresponsive (not come back to hand) and responsive(come back), the Whip and One aren’t the best, but they are cheaper if you don’t want to spend to much.

Adegle: PSG and Asteroid.

Both are great, but the PSG is more popular among other throwers.

DUNCAN: Can’t go wrong with any of their throws.

Well. Butterfly XT, Pro Z, Free Hand Zero, Free Hand 2, or if she wants metal, Metal Drifter.

Out of those the Metal drifter, and the Free hand 2 or 0 are the best.

Many more to chose from but those are a good amount to chose from for now ;).

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Its good. Magic yoyo greatly out performs its price point. The t8 is a good shape and is unresponsive out of the box. Great brand for noobs and people looking for a first metal.

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I have a Spintastics Blade… that is a T8… with Spintastics Blade stamped on the side. I over paid for mine but still feel like i got my money’s worth. Mine is looking rather beat up and still has near zero vibration after being beat up rather well :smiley: … The stock bearing is unbelievably smooth and quiet. Dont pay more than 15.00 for one… if you look carefully you can land one for less than 10.00.

I’m a person that goes with the best Value. I define that as “a balance between the performance i want and the price I can pay” … it just happens that in this instance that it’s the cheapest metal yoyo you can find and beats every single metal yoyo you can find under 20.00 … oh wait there aren’t any other metals under 20.00 :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said… I have a yoyo jam speedmaker… It’s in heavy rotation with the PSG for EDC … I use the adjustable gap to go from unresponsive to semi responsive and even responsive if i close the gap and wrap the string around the bearing twice… You just can’t beat that versatility. That being said I have to hand this yoyo over to my son as soon as I walk in the door from work.

I have a PSG as well… it was my carry everywhere yoyo before the speedmaker… it is still my old reliable yoyo. and was what i’d call my first “REAL” unresponsive yoyo. It feels weird to not throw it every day… even if it’s just a throw to two. There have been conflicting reports that these have vibration and the stock response pads don’t perform well. I will say that mine does have a very small amount of vibration but i’d almost call it insignificant. When I get vibration from this yoyo it’s is almost alway’s due to a bad throw. I would not recommend this to someone with smaller hands. My son has a hard time due to the width and being able to keep the sting spaced far enough apart.

T8 or any Magic yoyo- Best value one the market for a metal
YYJ Speedmaker/Kickside - The difference between these two is shape. But both have the same type of response setup and versatility mentioned above.
PSG - Sure… but if she has small hands it could give her trouble.

thx. she also wants to get from ebay… is that site reliable?

Any good? More like any bad! It’s awesome!!

Cheap good yoyo is cheap and good.

Buy it.

well it conterversal since it depends on the seller, since one time it took me 4 weeks till it arrived also since it was shiped from china and had to go through customs

It can take anywhere from a week to a month to get a yoyo from China.

I have the T5. I’ve purchased r new yoyos over the past month and maybe it’s because I’ve used the T5 so much compared to the new ones, but it remains my most comfortable yoyo. I can land all the trucks I know with it where most of my new ones like some tricks better than others.
I have an N9 on order and I see myself trying other Magics. The price is just too good.
I bought both from eBay from a seller called romantic2010. Pretty fast shipping and good selection.

I do recommend them though as I said. The t8 is unknown to me. The t5 has a great catch zone and is incredibly comfortable in the hand. It also grinds pretty well. Balance is awesome. Spin time is pretty decent at about a minute and a half on a standard throw.

GET IT! MYY is the best brand for its price! They are amazing! (Even though I’m a big YYF fan) GET IT.

Oh right :stuck_out_tongue: get I off of amazon. It’s still cheap and in USA.

I am a huge Magicyoyo fan and I get them all from Ebay. They do take a while to get here, but it is very worth it. They only have 2 yo-yos that I can’t find for under $20 shipped. I have 2 N5s, a T6, T8, T9, N9, N10 Bamboo, N11 and N12. Everyone of them are great throws. The N12 is absolutely amazing! …I found them for $18.99 shipped on Ebay and even cheaper at one point in time. I would compare the N12 to just about any $100+ throw out there! …Seriously! Most of the Magicyoyos can actually be found for around $12 shipped. You can’t beat that. I would recommend any Magicyoyo over the YYJ or YYF plastics that cost more than the Magicyoyos do. You will get more for your money with a Magicyoyo. BTW… The T8 is a great throw. My T8 has no vibe at all, but I would recommend the N12 by far. I would be willing to bet that the N12 is the absolute best yo-yo out there for the price, but it’s all about personal preference. Check out the videos from the Magicyoyo team too. They have some amazing players.

She’s not ready for anything new yet. Let her work on some more basic skills for a bit before upgrading.

The T8 is all fine and everything, but it’s kind of narrow for it’s diameter. Get either the T5 or N12 models. They are full sized. The T5 is more V-shaped, while the N12 is more “organic” for lack of a better term. Cheap in price, major in performance, giant catch zones. Those would be my recommendations.

Ebay sellers take around 3 weeks for shipping to get it to you.