Magicyoyo T6

I am planing on buying a Magic yoyo T6.Has anyone tried it?Could u do a review on it ???Plzzz

I have one, and it is definitely a great throw. Mine is vibe free, but no grind finish. It is solid, no float to it that I can find, and seems to prefer a faster pace. Spin times are very long, however, it does seem slightly more tilt prone than other metals. I wouldn’t really call it tilty though, I guess the best way to describe it is that while it is “great” in most other areas of play, in stability it is just “average.”

Overall it is definitely worth the money.

That and it’s undersized, which has a bit to do with it being tilty.

Also, keep in mind the bearing might need cleaning and/or replacing and the response pads could fall out, but it takes fairly standard pads(CBC 19mm pads, YYJ pads, IRPads) and flowable.