MagicYoYo N5 Desperado Review

This is my first review, so…

Ok. Yesterday my N5 arrived, I had ordered it on Friday of last week, and it came a day early! Anyway, I took it out of the package and was immediately surprised at its small size! From the online pictures it looks huge! (it’s not at all. It’s TINY, in my opinion). Nevertheless, I put on the string it came with, and threw it, and I really liked it! It is my first unresponsive metal, so I have nothing I compare it to, but I have to say, I was impressed! It seemed good enough for landing string tricks as well. After a while I started to hate the string it had come with, so I changed the string and, unfortunately, it flew off my finger, slammed the ground and got two small dings. I was mad at myself, but dings (especially tiny ones) aren’t really a big deal to me because I’m not going to sell my yoyos later.
But, other than the string it came with, I don’t really have a problem with the n5 Desperado. Most people dislike the bearing it comes with, but I haven’t had a problem with it.
All in all, it plays really well it’s unresponsive for tricks, and it responds pretty well to binds. I like this yoyo, and it cost me about $19.

For anyone looking for a good, unresponsive metal for a cheap price under a good manufacturer, I would definitely recommend the n5 Desperado.
Thanks for reading!

Smoothness? Horizontal?

it’s pretty smooth… I guess that’s the one problem with the bearing, the yoyo kind of rattles and vibrates sometimes, but other than that… Mmmmmm yeah kind of. Sorry, I’m pretty new to the yoyo community. What does horizontal mean?

It’s his first unresponsive metal. I don’t think he can do horizontal tricks.

I have an N5, and while I’m not the greatest at horizontals, it is very stable and agile during horizontals.