Magic YoYo's Desperado


Looking for a yoyo like the YYF SuperWide, Monster or the Xcube Steamroller, I came across the Magic YoYo N5 a.k.a. Desperado on ebay. When I saw it I immediately wanted one, the factors that made me want it were these: 1. The gap was the type I wanted, a wide large gap like the type that were in the monster and steamroller. 2. The price was reasonable, $40 plus $5 shipping. 3. The color choice, there were four colors to chose from blue, red, purple, and silver (I got purple). 4. And last of all it came with a concave bearing. So I looked around and found it on the website HYPERLINK “ and I ordered it from there.

One of the best things was the shipping. This was the first time I had ordered from YoYo Sam and they impressed me! I had ordered a 100 bulk of neon yellow string, a F.A.S.T. holder, and a F.A.S.T. 201 for teaching people, from YoYo Expert the same day and I received the package from yoyo sam in two days. When I opened the package there was the bow with the yoyo in it and this has been the coolest package with a yoyo in it so far! YoYo Sam also included a package of free string and a sticker in there package, I must say even though I thoroughly enjoy the trading cards that yoyo expert puts in there package I was happy to receive so me free string.

The desperado is made by a chinese company going by the name of Magic YoYo, they have about 4 or 5 yoyos currently for sale. The Desperado was originally made in Beijing China. I believe it is the 3 or 4ht yoyo this company has made. This is the only yoyo of their companies that i own.

Stats and info on the Desperado:
Material:           Aluminum
Colors:              Red, Blue, Purple, Silver
Weight:             69.5 g
Width:               45.3 mm
Diameter:          50.8 mm
Gap width.       4.72 mm
Bearing:            C sized Concave
Response type:  Silicone response pad

Out of the box the Desperado isn’t the greatest yoyo out there. It comes with a concave bearing, which I was excited for but after throwing it a few times I realized it was a crappy bearing. Also the string that came with it was horrible. So I took a spare concave bearing I had bought and some 100% polyester neon green string in it and it plays amazingly! 

When I first through it with every thing it had come with I was getting nervous that I hadn’t made a wise decision, but after changing the bearing and string mind was change and reassured.

The yoyo is extremely smooth while playing sort of like the company’s name implies it works like magic in your hands. This yoyo is as unresponsive as it gets if you change out the bearing and string, just how we players like it. From the shape of the yoyo you wouldn’t expect to be able to do thumb grinds, but it’s an amazing yoyo to do thumb grinds with. Though it’s amazing with thumb grinds, it’s not so amazing at finger grinds, which is one of the down sides, yet it does arm grinds fairly well. One of the things that a bit annoying is when needing to and in a small space it gets hard. One of things it’s really good at is landing on the string. Well we would hope so with the design. The design of the yoyo makes it simpler to learn tricks like eli hops and such but you’ll still need the practice, all tricks do.

Compared to my Recreational Revolution No.9 this play a whole lot better for tricks like elli hops, suicides, and etc. The desperado is a much less responsive yoyo than the No.9 but the desperado tends to vibrate bit more while playing with it I've found out but this hasn't affected the play much. The spin time is fairly similar to that of the No.9 but size, weight, feel, and looks are completely different.

In the end it’s a yoyo I would recommend to any one that is looking for a yoyo with a wide gap as long as they’re willing to pay the extra $6 for a good concave bearing. And if you haven’t bought good string yet and you’re a yoyoer shame on you and go buy some! :P

Pros: Large catch range
                Long spin time
                Good for strings tricks that are hard to land
                Good color choices to chose from
                Fast shipping

Cons: Comes with a crappy bearing
                 Comes with bad string
                 When needing to land in small areas it becomes hard

Over all: It’s a great yoyo for the design, plays well with a better bearing, has a long spin time, great for tricks where you need to continually hit the string like elli hops. In the end don't judge a yoyo by it's looks, price, or company that made it, cause this is a yoyo I would recommend to anyone.


You really do a good job of promoting other stores.


haha xP well maybe yoyoexpert needs to think about getting some of these yoyos in their store then xD cause it’s a great throw just not super well known :stuck_out_tongue:


I was looking at that thing I might get it some time it looks pretty sick.

Nice review. ;D


Thanks man :slight_smile: and definitely get this I haven’t been able to put this down yet :smiley:


Ian…thanks for the review.

We screwed up in sending that bearing with the Desperado. These ship with a flat bearing. Not sure how that crappy konkave knockoff got overlooked. If you contact us we’ll be happy to send you a flat bearing.


and how would I go about contacting you guys on this matter? cause I was in america for the summer but am now back overseas in the country of Turkey…

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i gotta say, your review had me worried. i had just ordered one of these on ebay for like $16 and free shipping. but i got mine in today and i love it right out of the box. the sleep time is great, the response is pretty good its a little snappy on my binds but works great. and even the string wasnt terrible. a little rough on my fingers but after a half hour of play it broke in. but yea, great yoyo i would defiantly recommend it. whether you get it for an awesome deal like i did or buy it some where else its still a good deal.


You gonna be at the meet? I’d love to try it. C=


unfortunately im not gonna be at this meet, i gotta work…uhhhhh. but ghost has the same one. the reason i got it was i played with his at the last meet and fell in love with it


Dang I’ll have to try his.

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Those kk knockoffs must be hit and miss. Mine plays fine.

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Ian, what Matt is trying to say is it’s considered bad form to promote another skill toy retailer on this forum. The mods will probably edit your post.

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Can’t believe no one noticed the necro.

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That’s funny.


I noticed but didn’t feel it needed to be pointed out…


i have a desperado , it vibes terribly and the responsive system is worse than your imagine. If you are looking for a magic yoyo, pls N10 , it’s a insane work piece with Chinese original artwork. Good response, smooth moving, proper speed, and you can get it with 30 dollar


You’re lucky. My N10 vibes quite a bit even after tuning it. It still plays insanely well though for the price. [I personally kinda like its vibe for some reason. It feels faster. ;D ]

I have a Desperado myself that’s perfectly smooth and quiet right out of the package. Response is better than I expected, but I can’t really give an opinion of how it plays for 1A or 3A. I use it for 5A due to its somewhat wider shape so I don’t miss landing on the string.