MagicYo N5 Desperado


Ah, memories. The N5 desperado was my first metal yoyo. It came in a beautiful box, and the color way was amazing. It was innapropiatley priced at $18.50, I could easily see it being $30.00 - $40.00.
When it arrived, I was stunned at the hard case box. It had a magnetic door, and when you opened it, is had a plastic display window. The yoyo was snug in a black-color foam with an extra couple poly strings. On first throw, it made almost no noise. It almost sounded like a very quiet bell. It was very smooth on the first week, and I has able to do more tricks than any plastic yoyo I ever had.
Good Things-

  1. Great Box
  2. Quiet as a mouse
  3. UnderPriced
  4. Wide gap makes catches significantly easier
  5. Stunning color
  6. Comes with konkave bearing
    Neutral Things-
  7. Requires lube, or it will become responsive
    Bad things-
  8. Weak Axel
  9. Can be very vibey without lube
  10. Made in China

In the end-
Buy it now. Everyone needs it in their collection.