magicyoyo bimetal?

but… but muh humanatee

The new jaued jcervas sig “projectile” looks pretty good too, can’t find the for sell anywhere tho

if u’r talking about the K5, it s just polished rims

They already had bimetal

It’s not the k5 iit’s the new silencer

Those Yoze look pretty Slick. But that funky engraving gives the yoyos a sorta Dollar tree flavor.

Kinda like rims on a custom car. They may not have any actual effect on the performance; but some rims make a car look better; and some don’t.

Engravings/etchings on/in Yoyo cups; have that same effect.

Sometimes ‘less is more’.

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And if you look at this pic closey it seems as tho magic did not include their patent infringing KK bearings? It looks like more of a center track bearing. Of coarse it could just be for this picture.

doesnt ct bearings have a patent as well?
o ok

I actually don’t have much knoledge of the stipulations on that. But I do know that their are many slight variants on the centering bearing that it’s a little hard to keep up with.
But considering YYF licensed their hubstacks to MYY I’m sure they could work something out to license their CT bearing as well.

The wut someone gutta get and play and tell

Bettr be > Draupnir

“Patent infringing kk bearing.”


this one isnt either

Something about the shape I don’t like very much for some reason. Those caps though, I like that look. :slight_smile:

The whole reason I pointed that out is because MYY catches a lot of flac for using them.
Giving stores like YYE extra reason not to carry their products…
Which could have something to do with what they named this throw…
Long shot.

So bearing choice influences MYY’s naming habits. Yeah I doubt it.

Bearings can be swapped out, and a very large west coast yoyo retailer does so easily. Sales MYY without any problems.

Not just the bearing choice. The fact that they have been doing the extra work to get proper licenses, to somewhat “silence” the controversy. Like I said its a long shot and that idea was by no means to be taken serious, but the idea itself is not so abstract. And yea a lot of stores have started carrying MYY, YYE is not one of them, and I’m not going to take the time to find the link but they were on the forums stating reasons why they don’t carry MYY, the main reason being counterfeit products.

Have you seen K7

They were in the business of seeking out licenses for their products long before the silencer or k series. The have had an agreement with YYF (concerning hubstacks) for years.

I’m sure anyone could come up with an excuse not to do something. At the end of the day, none of that really matters though.

Besides their “patent infringing kk bearings” can you point MYY’s other “counterfeit products”? I would assume you’ve seen many since you went plural.

About this yoyo
I think it’s a wee bit narrow for my taste.

I do not beleive “years” to be accurate concerning the hubstack patent.

Have you done your research? Where are your “counterfeit products”?