Why are bimetals so popular now? Why does no company sell 5a yoyos?

There’s a very simple reason, YOYOJAM owned the patents on using metal weight rings significantly more dense than the body of the yoyo this whole time, that’s why most YOYOJAMS had metal weight rings like the Dark Magic and Hitman, now they went out of business. DUNCAN owns the patent in 5A style and the sale of counterweights. Everybody asks these questions but these are the reasons. Why no bimetals from One Drop but they produced a bimetal fidget spinner?? Can’t answer that one!! :slight_smile:


Let’s see, “bi” implies two, metal implies made of metal, so wouldn’t a bimetal (or bi-metal) imply it’s made of two metals, as in possibly an aluminum shell with titanium rings or sumthin’…

As far as I know very few YYJ yoyos are “bi-metal”.

And most any yoyo can be a “5A” but only Duncan can call them that.

The way it read was that the use of metal weighted rings different from the body material was yoyojams patent. Japan And YYR didn’t conform and ran into issues, YYF got around it on the protostar by “inner weight rings” just as these new bearings, pixel, whipple and centertrack tweaked bearing design patent after years of having to put up with dife-yo string centering patent.

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Umm, no, here’s what you said:

You clearly said “bimetal” , not “metal weighted rings different from the body material.” In any event that alone does not make them “bimetal.” Again, they would be “bimetal” IFF they were made of two metals.

This is still the reason why nobody could make bimetal style yoyo’s, you’re arguing some semantics, when I was trying to explain why they are able to be made now.

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Then please use the proper terms in trying to explain your arguments. Otherwise it’s pointless since it is unclear what you are trying to explain…

Wouldn’t it be more effective and Valid if you actually knew what you were talking about before you posted up like you knew what you were talking about?

… You should make posts like that on Special days… Like April 1st.

And wouldn’t you consider that One Drop possibly doesn’t make Bi-metal yoyos because they simply dont make Bi-metal yoyos? Regardless of any patents anybody might have?

Have you noticed that ‘not making/selling Bi-metal yoyos has had no real effect on One Drops’ ability to produce a multitude of high quality yoyos?

And why is it necessary for your Subject to typed out in ALL CAPS?

If you dont know something; does it help to Scream about it?

Basically what your post identifies is that you dont know anything about: Duncan, One Drop or Yoyojam.

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I think i’m missing the point here, is this just a rant about patents?

And no company sells 5A yo-yos? Here’s a secret; Every yo-yo is a 5A yo-yo if you attach a counterweight to the other end of the string.

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Garret is so right lol I test all my Yoyos to see if they are good for 5a nobody owns the name 5a lol

Well you’re right about the first part, but Duncan does sort of own 5A.

Yeah but not the name 5a that is a play style not a yoyo lol

They do kind of own the name freehand if that’s what you mean but not 5a

I think you and the OP should quit wasting time and start up a business together. One could only ponder on how fast the products and patents would fly.


Wait what?
So you’re telling me, all I need to do to turn any of my yoyos into a 5A yoyo is by attaching a counterweight, and that’s it?
Will my Duncan counterweight fit on a Yoyofactory though? is there any mod to make them compatible?

it’s compatible? does he fit?
but what does it mean? a counterweight you can do with anything … even with a rubber to be erased.
As mentioned above, the 5A yoyos are normal yoyo, the only differences can sometimes be in the response system … for example Yoyorecreation Mr. Butcher and Z-on, specifically designed for 5A players, have dimension pads increased


Ha ha, made me smile

Made me laugh lol

I don’t know if the patent applied to bimetals or not… hspin put out the good and evil series back in the hay day of yoyo jam’s popularity and they were all bimetals. Granted hspin wasn’t made in the USA, but I’m sure they could have been prevented from being marketed in the USA if it was an issue.

I also just checked and the hspin handquake (first bimetal) came out before the yoyojam patent so…