Magic yoyo

What magic yoyo is best for 1a and 5a tricks, and has a descent spin time?
The t5? !12?


As always, I’ll recommend the N12. One of the best yoyos ever made.

The N12 is a bit better for 5A, while the T1 has an advantage for 1A. Both have decent spin times.

How about for vertical and grinds?

T5 is better for horizontal due to the shape only. the N12 is well suite for horizontal play. Both are flat on the inside for finger spins.

The N12 is much better on all grinds. The T5 is somewhat slick/smooth, while the N12 is I guess blasted somehow.

Blasted? is that… Good?

There’s various methods for texturing the surface of a yoyo. There’s multiple methods of blasting, which includes baking soda, beadblasting and candyblasting. Sandblasting would be too course and aggressive. Another method is satining, which sort of looks like very find scratches. One Drop uses pyramid shaped media that they tumble their yoyos in, giving the the Pyramatte surface treatment.

All of these methods are “good”. People have preferences.

If you’re into grinding, especially finger and arm grinds, you don’t want a yoyo with a “smooth as glass” kind of surface. What this means is that smooth surface is making maximum contact with whatever you’re trying to grind it on, such as your finger, hand or arm. This maximum contact means more friction, which in turn means the yoyo will slow down faster.

So, for grinding, you want the surface treated in some manner to leave it with a slight texture. This will help your grinds slow down the yoyo less.

The only example I am sure I can readily show(because I can compare) would be these Agape yoyos I have:


This one is soda blasted(completely):

This is the one I ordered with the rims soda blasted, but leave part polished. Perfection:

Not a good comparison, but the T5:

It’s not smooth as glass, but the surface really isn’t treated. Maybe it comes off the machine and then gets anodized in a raw state. Been a while since I really examined the T5 closely.

Here’s the N12:

It’s hard to see, but it has some sort of treatment. It’s not the best grinder, but it can.

Not to keep showing off, but Square Wheels recently released the Rockefeller and the Rex. The Rockefeller was polished before anodizing. Look how these colors pop:

I was told flat out that since that was polished, it would not grind good. I said I didn’t care. I’m not huge into grinding and this yoyo is too amazing to ignore. They did release another colorway that is soda blasted.

Here’s the Rex, which I think is soda blasted:

Just for comparison purposes, the Royale, which is also soda blasted:

I personally think the Royale is one of my best grinding yoyos. You can see, the blasted yoyos don’t quite have that slick shine to them, but they still look fantastic.

Another great grinder is the OG Octave by RecRev:

The sine//saw isn’t necessarily a great grinder, but check it out anyways:
The etching is right where you want to grind, making this yoyo decent on the grinds. The rest of the yoyo is super smooth.

Sorry for all the pictures.

I can give you links to my Facebook albums if you want to drool over more yoyo pictures.

Ty, pics helped alot!
I would live to see the albums xD

Here’s an example of a satin finish:
This is a Werrd TFL 88 Delorean. You can see the inner rims are polished while the outer portions are satined.

In contrast, I believe this yoyo is raw:
This is an H-Spin Corli prototype, the first $100(approximately) yoyo I bought retail. I believe this yoyo is raw.

In comparison, this is the VsNYYC Battosai that one of the fine modders here polished up. It hasn’t been touched up since it arrived here. It hasn’t been played much either, but it does play great:

If you want to see more, just start here:

The albums are sorted by brand and/or topic.

I’m also looking for a magic yoyo but more for 1A. I’ve seen one with a large gap (like yyf monster) but I didn’t find it.

You mean you want a WIDE yoyo.

No, Magic doesn’t make a wide yoyo. Their wide looking yoyo is just that: wide looking. It’s not wide.

All their yoyos have large gaps though. Still, I think the T5 and N12 are their best offerings. The N11 ain’t bad either.

If you want a WIDE yoyo, the Aoda Miracle comes to mind, as does the TenYo Wet Whistle and Chico YoYoCompany XL to name a couple.

The wider yoyos make landing stuff easier, but are a pain to maneuver through tight formations. They are rather fun to play though.

The YoYoSkeel Stalker looks wide, feels wide, plays wide, but isn’t all that wide. An excellent candidate.

Get the N12 first. It’s full-sized and is usually considered the best MagicYoyo.

If you like it and want more MYY, get the N5 for its unique shape and T10 for an undersized. Get the T5 too because it’s only 10 bucks, why not?