Magic Yoyo

Not your soul, or your yoyo having a soul. Soul in your play.

I thought the same thing then I got the n12 and the node and they are pretty dann good

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I really love my blue N12. The T6 is awesome as well. Both are really smooth and are just a joy to throw. Today I am throwing the myy Silencer.

I don’t have a dog in this hunt because I don’t own any Magic YoYo products. However, I have no problem with any company from anywhere that follows the rules, doesn’t sell a product for less than it cost them to produce and manufactures the highest quality product they can for the best price they can.

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Yikes! Necro thread…6 years ago on that response. Interesting to note though, that since this thread was created there are several notable Magic Yoyo products for sale at YYE (Skyva and it’s variants, Hot Diggity). I don’t have a problem with the company, there’s a lot of bias and “industry protecting” going on in this thread from back in the day though.

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love the Magic YO3 Hertz - pretty hard for others to compete with the quality and price point of the Hertz