magic yoyo n5?


Hey yoyoexpert ppl!! So, I’ve never tried a really wide yoyo (not like a normal butterfly, like really wide like if u dont know what I mean…) and I thought I would try one! I know about the monster, bit a little to expensive… But my questions are:

  1. a lot of people are saying it looks wayyy wider in pics, is that true?
  2. I have a supernova, will I be disappointed with the quality of the n5 magic yoyo? (ill get pads, I hear they suck…)
  3. how much is the normal price for one? Like $30 - $45 right? Thanks!
    Edit: also, the reason I want a wide gap is to help me learn new tricks, and make it easier to do tricks like Eli hops. Since it is wide, does it make it hard to land the yoyo is small catch zones? Does it make it hard in bigger catch zones? Like double or nothin’? What’s the average sleep time?
    THANKS! ;D


It’s not quite as wide as I figured. The looks are a little deceiving.

Photos of my Magic Yoyos are here:

My pads are fine, but I’m tempted to just go ahead and silicone all my Magic yoyos just to be done with it anyways. Will you be disappointed? Only one way to find out. I don’t think you’ll be let down in the quality, as their products seem pretty legit. It would just be a preferences thing that would be why you would or would not like it. It’s nothing like a SuperNova. BTW, I dislike the SuperNova, but that’s preferences.

If you’re paying more than $30, some seller is getting greedy. I paid $19.99 SHIPPED.

My choice?
T5 and N12. N9 is neat, N10 is too pretty, N11 is interesting but good.

If you want a “budget friendly” in the “superwide” format, I love my Aoda Miracle. The only downside is 1 color only, but shouldn’t cost more than $30.


I say go wih n12, then t5, then n5. I felt the t5 was much better than the n5.


N12 and Purple Line are in the same league in my opinion, but the Purple line is very difficult to get hold of (I have two!).

Both are absolutely amazing, with the purple line being floatier and even more stable (no tilt at all), but the N12 fits far better in my hand being smaller and plays faster (which I like) and has a nicer finish (bead blasted as opposed to erm… I don’t really know what it is called). I love both and can’t really decide which I prefer overall.

Buy either, or both and you will not be disappointed.


To give you an idea on the size, here’s my N5 with a Supernova and a Superwide.


The n5 is, in my humble opinion, the best MagicYo. I bought one off Amazon for $15 plus like $5 shipping.

It’s really not as wide as it looks in pictures. It is wide, though. It is very good for a first metal, but it is also very small. I expected a bit bigger, and when I opened the package for the first time, I was shocked at how incredibly small it seemed.

If you’re considering an n5, go for it. In certain places you can buy myy for like $20. If you get one, I can virtually guarantee that you’ll LOVE it.

However, if you’re looking for a wide Yoyo, it’s definitely not the widest available. I also have a Superwide, which is fun but just isn’t… My cup of tea, I guess. I looked into a Monster, but also decided it was too expensive.

Anyway, hope this helped. Enjoy the n5 if you get one. :slight_smile: