Magic Yoyo N12 or Stackless YYF Grind Machine or YYF Velocity ?

Hi guys. Im new to the forum. My question is should I rather get the Magic Yoyo N12 Shark Honor or the Stackless YYF Grind Machine or the New YYF Velocity ? I really want of these. Which one should I get and why ?


Magic n12 since it low walled, it metal, and it has a more modern shape

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Yeah…links to other stores aren’t exactly allowed on here, but anyway, the stack less grind machine isn’t that good

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Sorry lol im new. Didnt know we couldnt post links. Wont happen again. Anyway so you guys think I should go with the Magic N12 ? Im kind of hesitant since Magic is really a " large " brand. Im not sure If I can trust them or not like YoYoFactory which is a large brand.

I’ve tried the Magic N12 and it was amazing! Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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The stackless Grind Machine is one of the least favourite throws I’ve ever tried. I gave mine away after using it maybe twice. The N12 is reputed to be one of their best models, and although I’ve never tried that one, I’ve tried a T5 and loved it. If the N12 is better than the T5 (as people claim), I can’t see how the two would even be comparable. The N12 should blow it out of the water and into… er… another solar system… or something.


Awesome then guys. I think its settled. Magic N12 for me :slight_smile: You guys have been really helpful today. But what do you guys think of the New YYF Velocity ? I was also kind of thinking about that. YYF Velocity or Magic N12 ?

Welll… performance, materials, and almost everything… the N12 still probably wins.

But I have a soft spot for the New Velocity. It’s not going to perform on par with the N12 (not even close) but it’s a very cool little throw. It was my first unresponsive-capable yoyo. It’s just really fun. But I’d have to admit that the N12 will still outclass it.

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Although the new velocity is a good yoyo I still find the N12 to be soooo much better. I mostly keep my Velocity on responsive in case I feel the need for some good old fashion yoyoing.

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Awesome. Looks like its the N12 For me now :slight_smile: Thanks for the help Greg ! I gave you a thank you and everyone else that helped me. Its my first day ( more like first 30 minutes ) on this forum and I already feel welcomed :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch !

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