Magic Yoyo N11 vs. Magic Yoyo N12

Which one can play slow and fast? I usually play slow but am working on playing fast. Which one could play horizontal better? Which one is stabler during normal play? How do they do on grinds? I heard the n11 has rubber weight rings u could put on, is this true? Also do normal 19mm pads fit on magic yoyos? Also do any of them do finger spins? Please tell me the pros and cons of each yoyo. I’m getting either of these with a pair of yellow alpha crashes for 3a, 2 buddha bearing whipple 4 packs, for a total of 8 bearings, should I get pads? I also have a lot of string on me so yeah…

Then install better pads or use flowable silicone. Swapping the bearing is up to you.

Also what do u guys think are better, CBC yellow pads or CBC natural pads? Some say yellow lasts longer than natural, I don’t like my white pads, they’ve been very slippy the past 2 weeks… I really like magic yoyo, metals for an inexpensive price, there is a reason I don’t have a $60+ yoyo XD u could pretty much dominate these days with under $50 yoyos XD

I prefer flowable silicone. Otherwise, the white pads work fine for me. I also think the Magic yoyos will work with the regular CBC pads, YYJ pads, IrPads and even Buddha pads. Speaking of which, I need to stock up on more buddha pads… but that’s another topic.

Yes, the Magic stuff is great. I won’t argue that, I own quite a few models from that brand and I have absolutely no complaints in any way. I also will agree that in the right hands, a “budget” yoyo can and will kill!! These days, it’s not “you get what you pay for”, because there’s some budget friendly stuff with amazing performance, which would include the T5 and N12, as well as the new Shutter and the sine//saw and “@” from RecRev, just to name a few right around the price bracket you’re discussing. There’s a lot of great stuff on the market at all price points.