Magic yoyo M002 April review


Heres my review of the M002. Its my first review so critisism is welcome.


  1. Triple colour Acid wash/sandblasting
  2. Fully unresponsive, can swap out for responsive bearing
  3. Good thumb grind ring
  4. H shape
  5. Comes lubed with perfect amount
  6. Virtually no sound, absolutely no vibe
  7. Comes with decent string

1.Body Shape: H
5.Gap Width:4.6mm
6.Bearing: magic yoyo centre track size C (large)
7.Bearing: Stainless magicyoyo centre bearing
8.Body Material:aluminium Alloy 6061
9.Response: magicyoyo Yellow Silicon Pad

Made in early 2015 by MagicYoyo, The M002 Has a few great features for competion or relaxing play. The biggest feature i must mention is the price to qaulity ratio. I picked up mine on ebay for 25 dollars (shipping included) and it plays as well as my shutter!

There are 3 colours available: silver with blue, silver with purple or the killer green, black and Light gold.

The first thing I said and thought when I opened up the box was wow, my inner child was satisfied the 3 colours blended so well, I hurried to put the string on and sent it through all my favourite tricks, no problem. I was amazed at the fact that it was outperforming my shutter! It was so smooth, it was a blast to play with and grind. This is where it differs from the shutter, the April plays smooth and floaty and spins for a while compared to the shutters somewhat more solid feel. While you cant do a FULLY horizontal finger grind due to the inner cup design you can do a off axis finger grind.

With a width and diameter 2mm smaller than the YYF Shutter you can play slightly faster but still keep the stability and spin times.

Now for the cons. The only thing I can find is that when doing of axis finger grinds your finger nail can leave a visible scratch in the surface, while this does not affect play it can affect its visual apeal, a yoyo glove easily fixes this which, to my satisfaction, also comes with the yoyo along with a decent polyester string.

The conclusion, the Magicyoyo M002 is a steal for its price range, and easily outperforms yoyos well above it in price. I highly reccomend it, it is also my current favourite out of my 9 yoyos.

What do you guys think? Was it a good review, did i miss anything out, should i change some things?



Nice review.
I think you need spec listed on there, and more picture. The April is a bi-metal, am I correct?
For price vs performance, Magic yoyo kinda stands for its name.

Also, after reading several review on YYE, I think the shutter should be the benchmark for reviews.


how heavy/light and solid/floaty does it feel on the string


It’s all 6061, the rings are just polished 6061.

Looks cool though


The review format looks great. You may include a few different angles on the product shots for future reviews. Here is the April back in February for the first day of May.


Thanks ill include that in. It feels floaty but extremely smooth and stable, this is where it differs from the shutter.


Am i correct in assuming it is a H shape, sources from myy just say “Butterfly” ?


The only problem i have with mine is the bearing is pretty loud


lube it with some thin lube.


Love mine also daily carry and if i happen to ding it not as upset as dinging say my mmc or cascade great deal im gonna try to pick up another one i want the purple/pink color i noticed on ebay they went up to like 35 now i picked mine up on there for 21


I really like that yoyo. My fiance uses it as her main 5a throw as we’re not too worried about the dings considering the price point ;). I also picked up the M003 Prophet and actually think it’s really complimentary to the M002 because it has a much narrower width.


I see, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Still curious about how it plat though


i just bought a k8 leopard off ebay for 20 with six strings a glove and free shipping. super stoked for it to come in. the reveiws are too good for its price.


Hi, i have this fantastic yoyo and i would change the pads. i am not an expert player yet, so i have a question for you: can i replace the pads with o-rings, or it is not possible? Thanks.


Generally you cannot replace pads with o-rings.


I bought this yoyo last week. I’ve played with it several hours and can’t say it’s in the same league as the shutter. Out of the box the bearing had some dirt in it so I had to clean it and lube it. Now it spins great but still has a slight “rattle” to it. It looks like a center track but may just use the same design.

The slick finish is the same as the P.lotor which I was also not a fan of. It is a horrible finish for finger spins compared to a standard sand-blasted finish. The “floaty” feel comes from the yoyo’s lightweight which is a design choice but makes it feel cheap.

The biggest issue I have with mine, and this is pretty serious, is that the silver ring around the finger-spin area is sharp. I mean I feel like I could cut myself on it. When they made this piece it’s almost like they pulled it right off the machine and put it in the yoyo without any smoothing work done. It feels like running my finger over the edge of a pop-tab. I don’t know if every model is like this but it’s either a quality control issue or a serious design flaw.

All that being said I do like this yoyo. It spins for a while once the bearing is cleaned. It plays fast and has good balance. I can do all the same tricks I can do with my shutter, horizon, and edge (finger spins not so much). I paid $24.00 for this on amazon and it’s definitely worth that price. I can say with no doubt it’s not as good as the N12, which is almost half the price. I would definatly get the N12 if you are considering either one.