m003 prophet VS m002 April VS Accelerator VS Hatchet 2

Hi guys I’m kinda new to yoyo-ing and have two n12’s on the way in the mail, but I would like to be recommended another yoyo, since I am ordering some parts+strings and would like to include a yoyo inside the shipment to make the most out of the shipping costs.

I have narrowed down to:

magicyoyo m003 prophet
magicyoyo m002 April
c3yoyodesign Accelerator
YoyoOfficer Hatchet 2

Honestly, most of the choices here are made based on looks, which is a great factor for me when it comes to this purchase.
For price, they all cost around the same from the vendor I am ordering from.
I love the paintwork for these models, but from a performance and durability standpoint, which of these 4 yoyos would you recommend?

(please do not tell me that I don’t need another yoyo yet as a beginner and the n12 will suffice. I am aware that I do not NEED another one, but I just want to buy one in this coming shipment for my collection)

Thanks alot!

Havent played with all of these only the m002 april I own it and iI love it easily competes with some of my more high end throws

thanks for the reply! does it come with a 10 ball bearing? how do you find the anodizing on it? read somewhere that the paint easily comes off with finger grinds.

I have owned mine for a few months now carried in my pocket ect havent noticed any problems with ano. Also i recieved it with what i believe to be a ten ball but havent taken apart to clean or anything but with stock bearing i can preform many string tricks and it can handle multiple string layers in the gap but don’t use the string it comes with they are junk imo. It plays smooth and i would say plays up the with 80 dollar range throws i have been thinking about purchasing another one in the pink/silver colorway and the bead blast is smooth for grinding also not too rough.

I’ve found the anodizing on magicyoyo not to be as good as others. The accelerator and hatchet 2 just feel like higher quality which may just be the aluminum they’re machined out of. It could just be preference as well. I would say to go with which ever has better colors between those 2 because they’re both good.

Thanks for this… I have already placed an order on the m002… since there aren’t many reviews on the accelerator and the hatchet online to justify my purchase. Will definitely consider these again in the future for my next yoyo.

Sorry for the late post and congrats on your order. I’ve always read mixed reviews on the magics, however Yoyofficer and C3 make amazing budget priced throws. My orbis is dead smooth and fast, the finish on it is superb as well. I’ve heard good things on the hatchet 1&2.

No problem man… thanks for this feedback. I guess certain magic models are hit or miss. As long as the rright model is chosen! But definitely will consider those two brands in the future as well.

Anything from C3 or Yoyofficer are excellent!!