Magic T5 or Zeekio Space monkey

I just noticed that my magic yoyo T5 looks exactly like the Zeekio Space Monkey
Magic Yoyo is blue

Zeekio probably bought the rights to make it. I know Zeekio bought the design of what used to be the Yoyoempire Star.

interesting. I didn’t know that they were doing that

The Star plays awesome and the T5 does too. At least if they are making other peoples designs they pick good ones :wink:

The Space Monkey is a rebranded YoyoEmpire Bad Boy (equally stupid names IMO). Get a Core, they grind amazingly and play really well.

The Yoyoempire Star, or whatever Zeekio calls it, is awesome. Delrin with aluminum weight rings.

The Zeekio C5 is also a rebranded MYY.

Sorry for my stupidity, but isn’t the Magic Yoyo T5, the Zeekio Space Monkey, the YoyoEmpire Bad Boy are all bootlegs to the Yoyorecreation Sleipnir

Well yes, if you consider a 55.5mm yoyo that weighs 69 grams to be a copy of a 57mm yoyo that weighs 65 grams. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoyos look alike, check the stats.

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