Magic Yoyo T9 Dark Angel?

For such a low price (20 dollars) is it worth it?

Yes but it is becasue they are bootlegs and made in china so they sell very vcheap but they play like yyr


YoyoRecreation. Very good brand but a bit expensive at 180-200$

Have you actually seen the T9? Please tell me which YYR it copies.

I’ve played Magic yoyo, and I’ve played YYR.

They play nothing alike.

I only know one Magic yoyo that looks like a YYR, the T5, other than that, all the other ones are not bootlegs. Don’t go around soiling a company’s reputation, if you don’t know at least that much, than don’t make assumptions.

I am not sure which magic yoyo you are looking at; or which reputation might be ruined. The magic yoyo’s I see are up on a large internet auction site. They are all copies of one brand or another. They look like typical cheap, Chinese copies.

I would save the $30 towards buying a yoyo from a reputable manufacturer that actually creates yo-yos rather than copies other people’s ideas.

You need to calm down. They are bootlegs of some company,not saying it is always YoyoRec but they are. I know a site where they have exact Phenomizm Bootlegs for 9.75$ with free shipping(2 months) from china.

Alright, show me what other Magic Yoyo besides the T5 that looks like a copy of another yoyo. Just have hub/Z stacks on the yoyo does NOT make the yoyo a bootleg. If all of the Magic Yoyos were bootlegs, why would the be sold on Yoyobestbuy, AND Yoyosam?

Ok, maybe I did overreact, but the Phenomizm bootlegs are not even made by Magic Yoyo, they’re made by Qixia, a completely different company that actually does make bootlegs.