Is it just me.


Our does the new magic yo-yo N 12 (shark) remind me a little too much of the Duncan Barracuda…


I don’t see it based on the profile. Any “V” profile will look similar, and these two are actually dissimilar compared to others I’ve seen. Is the cup the same?


yes, and the N11 looks like a YYF Avant Garde.


Yeah I don’t think they stole the idea it’s just sort of an over played shape.


I don’t know when i saw shark and barracuda as the 2 names… i don’t know.


It is a little fishy having two yoyos look similar and both having aquatic logos. :smiley:

(WildCat23) #7

Magic YoYo designed it with the person who designed the original Audley. YoyoFactory then took the design.


How are magic yoyos? They are ridiculously cheap, and the ones with z-stacks interest me. Anyone got the word? I wouldn’t mind paying 10-15 bucks for it if it is decent


I played a T6 when i was starting out, but I didn’t really like it.


I have no way of knowing who did what first, but THESE are eerily similar yoyos. The Shark and Barracuda aren’t nearly so close; as mentioned earlier they’re just an overdone shape.


I like Magic yoyo. I have a N8 which I like and I am getting an N9 for Christmas. I have played 4 different Magic yoyo’s so far and I recommend trying them out. I have tried a N8, a N6, two N5’s and a dark angel 1.


I’m very interested in the N9 and T9… They are so cheap, I’m tempted to just buy them. But I also want them to last…