Magic Drop/rejection on Kenshin

So, I am trying to improve my Magic Drop, and when I use my Horizon or Shu-Ta, the rejection works most of the time.

I just got a Kenshin, and it almost never rejects. other tricks work great and I am enjoying the Kenshin quite a bit. Does it just have a crush on the string and doesn’t want to reject it? :o

Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated. I am using the string that came with it (cotton) - not the poly string I have on the other throws. Not sure if the string type makes a difference.


I do not have the Kenshin, but finger angles change per yoyo you are throwing, to make the rejection happen. I just figured this out when I got my Skyva, compared to the old Crossfire. I used to have to be near vertical with my “L”, but on this one, I am straight horizontal.

Hope this helps.


Try to flow through it and let it happen gradually without losing your momentum. Dont open up your “L” until the yoyo is right above it or at least close to the yoyo and then fold your L downward kinda like your copying/following the yoyo. Anytime im trying to clean up a trick, i play with the timing of each piece of the puzzle. Just do something different. Dont do the same thing every throw thinking its just gonna magically happen.

Thanks, I will try those things

Out of curiousity, how did those tips work out for you?

Opening the L as I swoop the yoyo over helped a lot. With other yoyos I opened the L earlier.